ISTD — Short Film

Wider Than The Sky is a project that uses the Freudian Theory of the Mind to highlight the nature of psycho-logical truth.


As an expression of the massive and mysterious unconscious mind, the digital element of this project invites the audience to delve deep within a space that is seemingly infinite unlike that of the publication. Through interactivity, the audience discovers and explores what is being expressed through typography, and as this changes with their movement, so does its meaning and the search for truth within the space of the unconscious.


The accompanying film to the left, The Unconscious Mind, captures this narrative.


Along with the publication, Wider Than The Sky, the project was awarded a commendation by the ISTD judges — the only one given in Ireland in 2017. Sincere thanks to my tutors at NCAD as well as Dr Jane Milton of the Melanie Klein Trust.